Quark – Not Just Another Subatomic Particle


Sea Adventure


I learned something new this week. ( Actually, I try to learn something new every week.)  There is a small ship, luxury cruise company, Quark Expeditions, that specializes in Polar Expeditions, both Arctic and Antarctic.  It was started in 1991, with modified ice-breakers, and now has  ships specially designed for the rigors of such trips. 

They offer several dozen cruises giving you greater options in determining where, and when you want to go. The team members are all experts in dealing with the extreme weather conditions that can develop.  Some are experts in glaciology, polar history, and marine biology just to name a few areas of interest.  All are capable in leading excursions in Zodiac rubber crafts as well as hiking  in the wilderness.  In the evenings plan on a good meal and perhaps some storytelling of events both historic and current.

This is certainly a company that I will want to look into when we look ahead to our own polar adventures.